Personal Training Session -- Superset Weight Routine

close up of dumbellsTaylor Ryan, head trainer for The Art of Weight Lifting and the Charleston, South Carolina-based Fat-Blasting Boot Camps for Moms, is The Stir's personal trainer, here each week to help us get in shape.

This week ... a superset weight training program, which can be tailored to either tone you up or burn massive amounts of body fat.


Just take two exercises and do them back to back with no rest. After you've done the second one, rest and repeat. Because your body is resting from the first exercise while you're doing the second, you can have shorter rests for bigger results!

If you've been running for your main workout program, then get off the treadmill or the street and do a circuit. This circuit workout will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

The idea is to take what you're doing now, throw it out the window, and try something new for the next four weeks. Your body will work to adjust to the changes and produce results, which have probably stopped if you've been on the same program for a while.

Here's my favorite superset workout. Do 3 sets of 8 reps for each one:

Superset 1

Split squats


Superset 2


Dumbbell shoulder press

Superset 3

Stability ball back extension (or supermans if no ball is available)



Image via Usodesita/Flickr

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