The Bachelorette Dieting to Lose 15 Pounds

Ali FedotowskyWhether it was stress or all the champagne toasts, Ali Fedotowsky packed on 15 pounds while filming The Bachelorette and is now on a "crash diet" to lose them.

"They'd retape scenes, so all she did was eat and drink," a source told Us Weekly, adding that when the show was over, Ali, 25, "binged while unwinding with her family."

The source says it has been "stressful" for Ali, a size 6, "to watch herself on camera and that she's committed to losing the weight."


With this news, people immediately start insinuating she has an eating disorder, as it seems people are prone to do whenever someone in a healthy weight range announces she wants to lose weight. Yes, eating disorders are tragic, but so is obesity, and when pounds creep on, it's important to do what you can to take them off.

Personally, I think she looks great on the show, but 15 pounds is a lot of weight to gain. She wears a bikini and wears it well. But she isn't super-tiny, so if she thinks she needs to lose 15 pounds, that doesn't sound extreme to me. 

And her plan of attack actually sounds pretty healthy: "a high-protein diet full of egg whites, strict calorie counting, and daily runs."

On the show, she has often covered up with cargo pants over her bathing suit bottoms or with a sarong, so clearly she's uncomfortable at her current weight. (Personally, I'd be uncomfortable in a bikini on national television at ANY weight!)

So as long as her approach is a healthy one, I say good luck. It will be easier to get the pounds off now than in 10 years or so. Trust me.

Do you think Ali Fedotowsky should lose 15 pounds?

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