Discounts You Should Pass Up -- Or Else

discountI'm a girl who loves a good discount.

Take my $9 wedding dress.

My jeans bought on eBay.

And my used but not abused rocking chair.

But when it's the choice of spending $7 for the skanky pedicure joint or $25 across town, I'll pay through the nose to keep my toes gangrene free.

We're all about the deals, but these may just be too good to be true:


1. Discount Eye Surgery. The urge to get up in the morning and see the clock shrieking at me is great. But the guy offering the $500 an eye LASIK on the TV makes me wonder if I'd ever see anything . . . ever again.

2. Day Old Sushi. Sure, it could be just as good the next day. Or it could be two days in the emergency room. Fish + time = not on your life.

3. Plastic Surgery in Brazil. Yes, I want a tummy like Kate Gosselin. No, I don't want to end up like this chick.

4. Quick Pedi Salons. They may be cheap, but they're also not known for cleaning those jets. You could end up with fungal infections or worse -- losing a foot. I'll take my $25 yin yang any day!

5. Teeth Bleaching at the Mall. It's cheaper by hundreds of dollars, but it turns out most of those "professionals" don't even know what products they're putting in your mouth.

6. Botox Parties. Sure, you'll save by going in with your pals, but the visiting shot docs have been known to use "leftover" Botox and they're not always clean.

7. Diet Pills. Cheaper then a gym membership. Er, until you end up with liver damage.

8. Home Repair Low Bid. Did you hear the one about the Chinese drywall that made entire families sick? Ask for a supply list before you say "hell yeah," to the carpenter lowballing your bathroom remodel.

9. Cars From One of "Those" Lots. Sure there are brakes! Until you're flying down the highway headed home from the lot and . . . oh . . . snap! Shoulda got the CarFax, huh?

10. $1 Flip Flops or Any Other Form of Really Crappy Footwear. Falling arches. Plantar Fasciitis. Broken Ankles. Cheap shoes = painful feet = expensive treatment. When all you needed to do was hit the sale rack for the name brands.

11. Office Food. The pile of donuts on the table in the lunchroom might be cheaper than walking around the corner to buy your lunch. But that sound? That was your arteries slamming shut.

12. Cheap Sunglasses. If they don't block the UV rays, they're not worth the $5 you just paid the street vendor. Throw them out and hit TJ Maxx for a designer brand you can afford.

13. Frozen Food. Cheaper than the fresh stuff? Yup, and usually packed with sodium and fats. Go with this advice from a diabetes educator: shop the perimeter of the supermarket for the health stuff . . . skip the frozen section.

14. Online Meds. You can get a good deal from Canada -- as long as you don't tell immigration -- but do you actually know what's in that little blue pill?

15. Plastic Water Bottles. How's the BPA tasting? Suck it up and learn to love the refill.

What have you passed up because it sounded too good to be good for you?


Image via cdsessums/Flickr

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