4-Year-Old Does 1,500 Push-Ups: Can You Do One?

push-upI can't do a series of push-ups anymore.

I'd blame it on the carpal tunnel syndrome (real) but I can't lie on this one. I think I've just gotten too lazy. And my flabby upper arms tell the sad, sad tale of my kid aging out of the "constantly being carried and working out Mom's upper body" stage.

So this little boy doing 1,500 push-ups in 40 minutes has made me want to go take a long, long nap.


Seriously, can you watch this video without holding your waddle and yawning?


Apparently Ronak Vitha is from India, and he's set a world record with this stunt. His parents say he loves to do push-ups and has been doing them since he was 2.

Which is another way to get your kids to sleep at night, I suppose? Me, I'm just jealous of that split at the start.

I haven't been able to do one of those . . . um, ever?

Push-ups seem to have gone the way of Hammer Pants -- left back in my childhood. And I'm not alone. In a recent Yahoo! Shine survey, well over half of the respondents said they can't go more than 10 -- if that many.

Do you still do push-ups?

Image via rdeetz/Flickr

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