Testosterone Patch May Boost Women's Sex Drive

For any woman who's suffered from low libido, here's good news: According to a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, testosterone patches boosted women's sex drives.


As CNN.com reported recently, the patches release doses of the male sex drive hormone, testosterone, into postmenapausal women who weren't feeling as frisky as they used to feel. These females went from having satisfying sexual experiences twice a month to once a week.

But there are risks. The patches caused more hair growth for some, and there is speculation of a link to breast cancer. Before doctors can prescribe the patch, called Intrinsa, the FDA has to evaluate it again. (They turned it down in 2004.)

Intrinsa sounds like it could be totally helpful for all women, including the anonymous CafeMom who posted about low libido recently in the questions section. But only if it is safe, that is.

What do you think of testosterone patches? A scientific breakthrough or just plain scary?

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