Why Mosquitoes Attack and 4 Safe Ways to Stop Them

mosquitoMosquito bites are the scourge of summer, but for all you sweet meat ladies, there's one bit of good news floating about.

They prefer the taste of male meat.



A recent article in The New York Times posited men are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes -- because they're generally larger than women.

But based on the number of itchy spots on my legs from a Sunday afternoon parade, I don't have time to crow about this one. Mosquitoes are apparently adapting to global warming, and they're still cramping my style.

Instead I've been searching for all the ways to avoid being covered in scabs this summer without using toxic chemicals:

1. Don't Sweat. Easier said than done in the hot months, but the scent of sweat attracts mosquitoes from dozens of feet away.

2. Avoid Standing Water. Whether it's your kids' little pool or a nearby pond, mosquitoes delight in water for laying their eggs. Get it out of your yard to make your backyard more pleasant, and steer clear of places where it might be.

3. Skip the Perfume. Fragrances attract the nasty little buggers, so go scent-free for the day. This also applies to your shampoo and skin care products. 

4. Exercise After Dark. This can help reduce your attractiveness to these insects as they're not as active at night (plus it's generally cooler, so you'll sweat less).

Are you being bitten this summer?


Image via naturegirl 78/Flickr

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