Weight-Loss Calendar Week 14 -- The Weekends Are Ruining Me

Week 14: 153 lbs
Another week, another weigh-in of 153 pounds (that's a total of 25 pounds lost, just as it has been for the previous zillion weeks). What's more frustrating than watching the scale stubbornly not budge is watching it budge throughout the week and then seeing it go to hell over the weekend.


See, I'm having some serious issues staying on target and eating healthy over the weekend.

I still manage to squeeze in workouts, and I've kept my promise to work out every day this month, even late Saturday after a girls' night out. That was a feat! But on the weekends I go out to eat, I don't cook as often, I indulge in the random glass (or three) of champagne. After a long, hard week these things feel like things I've earned, but those (tasty, enjoyable) things are continually ruining the progress I've made throughout the week. Or, if not ruining, definitely slowing it down.

I've known for a long time if I really want to push past this 153-pound wall, I have to carry my healthy week-time habits into the weekend and that means no drinking, far less eating out, and healthy cooking at home.

I really want to do this, but I know it'll be really tough. I hope you'll encourage me.

But, tell me, how do you handle the weekends when trying to lose weight?

Image via Jennie Canzoneri


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