Jessica Biel's Out-of-the-Box Ways to Stay Fit

Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel is one foxy lady. She graces the July cover of Glamour magazine in a Tarzan-style top and an itty-bitty mini-skirt -- revealing cut arms and toned, long legs.

What's her secret? Well, lucky for us, she shared them all -- don't worry, she doesn't feast on vegan meals and work out 24-7, either. 

Biel gets her cardio on by walking and hiking with her dogs and revealed to the magazine that this also helps to keep her centered and refreshed. I can relate to this, since my cardio involves pushing my son's stroller for two miles each day. The sunshine on my face and breeze on my back are invigorating and refreshing -- I can't say that about walking on the treadmill.


She also participates in yoga at least three times a week, saying it helps keep her long and toned. Yoga also aids in labor and delivery, for all you pregnant readers out there.

Lastly, Biel credits a good attitude on the inside to looking good on the outside. What helps her feel good? Fun out-of-the-box exercise routines like volleyball on the beach and weekend dance classes.

Please share some of your out-of-the-box workout tips!

Photo via Losing 1/2 Myself/Flickr

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