The Gym Spy: Write Your Workouts Down

elliptical trainer collecting dustTaylor Ryan, The Stir's personal trainer, is sleuthing the gyms and clubs, reporting on common workout mistakes that hold us back from the killer body we want.

The gym intel:

When you walk into the gym, do you have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish by the time you walk out? The exercises, the weight, reps, basically your overall exercise program? If you're like 98 percent of the women I see in my gym, the answer is probably no.


The error:

If you have no idea what you're going to do, you can't expect to improve and push yourself. I see it all the time: Women walk in, do a quick warm-up or an entire cardio workout, and then just stand in the middle of the machines or weight room and roam from exercise to exercise with no clear direction. They simply think they need to work out for x-amount of time, so to fill the gap, they randomly choose certain exercises.

The mission:

A good workout program is a well thought out arrangement of exercises, or reps, of sets. And also remember that it's vital to change up your workout.

So you need to keep track! Figure out your goals and then find or make a program that fits those goals. Write down your workouts before you head to the gym. That way, you don't waste time trying to eenie-meenie-miney-moe your exercises. You clearly know what you're doing, and by cutting down thinking time, you can keep your workout moving smoothly and more intensely, which of course helps you burn more body fat and tone up more sexy lean muscle.

But that tracking comes in handy for your next workout too. By keeping all your workouts in a notebook, you can push yourself harder the next time. You will lift more weight and can aim for lifting an extra rep since you know exactly what you did for the previous workout.

Too many women stay stagnant and don't work hard enough to get goals accomplished.  When you see what you did yesterday, you are much more motivated to work harder tomorrow.

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