Calorie Counting Gadget Does All the Work for You

bodybugg weight loss calorie counter
Counting calories can certainly be important for weight loss, and I know it's one thing I need to be more diligent about. I'm shocked how many calories I consume without realizing and, on the flip side of the coin, I never really know how many calories I'm burning off through exercise and lifestyle.

Enter the Bodybugg, a calorie-managing device.


A friend recently recommended it to me, and I'm now a wee bit obsessed with owning this for myself.

You wear this calorie-managing device that uses specialized sensors to "monitor calories burned," and for the first six months after purchase, you can manage your weight-loss goals, activities, and calories burned through a web program.

There's also a built-in pedometer for tracking steps.

It's currently on sale for $175 (marked down from $249), and while that seems fairly steep, if it does all it says it will, it could significantly change your weight-loss plans.

Have you ever used a Bodybugg? Or another calorie-monitoring device?


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