Is Depression Making You Fat?

fat boy
Flickr photo by wsilver
There's a new controversial study that has found people with depression often gain weight -- but it still doesn't clear up whether one is causing the other.

I often wonder if it isn't the other way around.

A little case history:


I am a recovering bulimic. I will always be a recovering bulimic -- it's kind of like being an alcoholic; you go to rehab, you're clean, but there's always that taste for liquor.

If you threw up once, you are often tempted to return to old habits. Staying on the wagon is what differentiates you from the eating disordered and the "recovering."

Back to the topic at hand: I also suffer from depression, which at times has been misdiagnosed as anxiety but is, according to probably the most qualified practitioner I've ever seen, indeed depression.

So here's the question: Did my depression first crop up because of the factors that made me bulimic: added belly fat, feelings of despair, a Type A personality, and an insanely impossible desire to be just like everyone else?

Or was it the other way around? I was depressed -- because I was different and Type A and so I ate myself into a frenzy and then became bulimic to conquer it all?

You see the problem here? The first psychiatrist to diagnose my depression said she couldn't tell which was the cause of the other.

Is it any wonder the scientists are confused? Save for this wacko, fat doesn't make us happy. And in case you haven't been there, let me break it to you skinny folks: It is frustrating ... and depressing ... to try to lose weight.

So what do you say: Did one cause the other in your life? Or are they just cohabitating symptoms in the body that is you?

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