Sperm Sneakers: The Ultimate Running Shoe?

sperm sneakers
Photo from Sky Mall
Sneakers with a giant sperm on the side may win the prize for weirdest workout gear ever.

But as Feministing (hat tip to them for discovery) points out, it's one logo you'll recognize anywhere.

Which has me thinking.


Hilarious. Weird.

But maybe not so far off?

After all, what do we know about sperm? They're strong swimmers -- especially when you're trying to keep them out.

And when you're talking about throwing on a pair of running shoes and getting out there, you're supposed to be thinking about breaking down barriers -- albeit running through muscle fatigue -- and going fast, faster, faster.

You've got to hand it to those squirmy little bastards. They're streamlined and ready for action at the drop of a condom. They push against the tide and don't let their looks get them down.

So their preferred sport is swimming; it doesn't make them any less of a workout role model when you're hitting the streets.

OK, I don't really suggest wearing these -- they're guys' shoes to start with, and you should always wear a well-fitted shoe to prevent injury. But when you're feeling down and out about working out, just think like a sperm!


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