Weight-Loss Calendar Week 13 -- The Week of Everyday Workouts

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Photo by Jennie Canzoneri
Like a crazy person, last week I said I was going to work out every day this month. Sure, that sounded like a nice little mid-year resolution at the time, but actually doing it has been a little bit tougher (and a lot more exhausting).

Yet, I've done it for a solid week now.


I'm always a little surprised when I walk out of the gym and there are no diamonds waiting for me in honor of my achievement.

So, I've run one to two miles each day except one, when I did the 30-Day Shred video instead. I put on running shoes and went to the gym late at night and early in the day, and when I didn't want to and when I did.

I decided to rededicate myself to my weight-loss goals this month because I've felt at a standstill for a while, and I want to push past this stagnant point. Also, it's sometimes nice to be reminded that reaching a goal requires a lot of work and it's not just bold declarations and wanting something badly. You have to work, especially when you don't want to.

I feel really good about this. Sometimes all you need to make a difference is to shake things up a bit.

Oh, and I'm back down to 153 this week.

What health and fitness goal have you committed to doing this month?

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