Choosing an OBGYN: Which Sex Cares for You Best?

doctor and patient
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In the battle of the sexes, who's the better gyno?

I've had both male and female gynecologists, and I've experienced pros and cons with each.  

While no one can argue the most important thing about your gyno visit is that you actually show up, just how important is the sex of your gyno?


Think about all the things you can (and probably should) be talking to your gyno about -- PMS, birth control, your sex life, menstruation, your fertility, your breasts, maybe even sex toys. Do you feel free to discuss all that and more with your current gyno? If not, is it because of his/her sex?

In my experience, male gynos are by far gentler. I've had some rough paps in my day, all at the hands of female gynos. I can only speculate that male gynos are more gentle because they would want their important parts to be handled the same way. So maybe female gynos aren't as gentle because they know how it feels (painful, but short lived)?

If I'm being honest, I do tend to worry more about "grooming" when I see a male gyno. And don't even get me started on the time I saw a gyno who was a dead ringer for Peter Facinelli! (Remember the Friends episode where Rachel hit on her ob/gyno? Yup, it was kinda like that.)

That being said, my current gyno is a female -- partly due to her convenient location, partly because she's laid-back and cool.

What about you?

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Take the poll and then tell me, why do you prefer a male or female gyno?

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