The Best Running Shorts Recommendations

Flickr photo by Lululemon Athletica
My first 10K is this fall, and that means a lot of running and training this summer. But I live in Texas, and although you may not have heard, it gets hot here in the summer. It gets miserably hot, at that.


I'm going to run this summer, no doubt about that, and the temperature will be in the triple digits. It's too bad running naked is frowned upon by my family-friendly neighborhood. Or society in general. 

So, I need a few extra pair of running shorts to get me through the summer, and I'd like your suggestions!

I have a couple pairs from Old Navy and Champion and a Nike pair that's great but is made of a thicker cotton material than I'd like for summer running.

Do you love your running shorts? Do they give you enough room to breathe when the weather outside is hot enough to make you work up a sweat when you're standing still?

What running shorts would you recommend?

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