4 Ways Your Job Can Help You Get Thin

Photo by lululemon athletica
Employers are finally seeing the benefits of physically fit workers.

To me, it's a no-brainer. Physically fit workers mean less sick days taken, less on-the-job injuries, and happier employees ('cause of all those endorphins!).

A reported 33.33 percent of US companies already do or plan to offer employee monetary incentive to exercise.

Nice, but I encourage them to take it a step further.


How about employer-paid gym memberships?
I used to work for a mega-huge company, and they must have gotten the best deal ever for a group gym membership, because my husband and I paid a measly $10 a month for the two of us to work out at a local gym for years (of course, that company eventually went bankrupt, but I doubt think the gym membership had anything to do with it!). 

Or a gym at the office?
At a different job, I worked in an office building that offered a gym to its tenants, complete with showers and lockers. I say every office building should be required to have a gym in it! (Even when I didn't work in a building with a built-in gym, I lived and worked in close proximity and I would zip home at lunch, get in a quick run, shower, and head back. When it was too hot, I went to a nearby gym for the same.)

Here's to healthier employee outings.
Employers might want to encourage a group run/walk for a local charity, and allow every participating employee to take an extra 15 minutes a day for "training." Or, at the very least, the next time everybody is going to hang out, go bowling instead of heading to the bar with your co-workers.

Pass (on) the donuts.
Employers would be wise to provide healthier eating options around the office. How about fresh fruit during morning meetings? And instead of pizza lunch, opt for salad bar delivery.

Sure this is pretty much my list of what I wish employers would do, but at least some US companies are headed in the right direction. Hopefully more will follow suit. 

Does your employer offer any healthy help?

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