Losing It With Jillian: How Overweight Are the Contestants?

losing it with jillian
Flickr photo by rockymountainhigh
Losing It With Jillian promises to be the motivator of the summer season's workouts.

Michaels is devoting every episode to reshaping the lives of entire families, helping them not just lose weight but improve their diets.

But how big would your entire family have to be to actually get on the show?


At least 75 pounds overweight if you're Dad, 50 pounds or more above and beyond healthy if you're mom.

Those are the basic criteria the casting directors used as they scoured the country for homes Jillian would turn into mini outposts of The Biggest Loser ranch (they're done by the way, but keep your eye on their site for next season).

Confession: I've never been a big The Biggest Loser watcher, but I felt the stories were more compelling when you saw their home lives -- especially in the seasons were family members have paired up for weight loss.

Statistics bear out -- if you're overweight, the more likely someone else in your family is (especially your kids).

Has watching one of your family members get in shape gotten you moving?

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