Bicyclists Beware: The Vah-genie

Vah-genie Bicycle Cover
Etsy; $45
Bicycling is a great cardio activity, but if you really want to get some hearts pumping, just deck your bike seat out with the Vah-genie.

Yep, it's exactly what you think it looks and sounds like -- a crocheted replication of a vagina that serves as a bicycle seat cover.


Imagine the shock as you dismount only to reveal ... way too much. Complete with pubic hair and every other nuance, the brown and pink creation may just cross the lines of pubic public indecency.  

The designer of these atrocities, kallen, sells them on Etsy and touts their usefulness and versatility: "Not only will this bicycle seat cover keep your nether regions cool and comfortable in the summer, but it will also keep you warm in the winter."

She also boasts that hers has never been stolen ... hmm, wonder why.  

Would you ever consider outfitting your bike with the Vah-genie?

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