Herbal Supplements Hidden Health Risks and More News

herbal supplements
Flickr photo by anolobb
Just because it says "herbal" doesn't mean it's good for you. And just because it says "chicken nuggets" doesn't mean it's bad for you. Health news you need this week:

  • Herbal supplements sound like they should be healthy. When I'm in the health food store, I often wonder if I should be taking everything on the shelf. This is part of the perception problem. Most people think they are safe, but a recent study shows that almost all supplements are contaminated with pesticides and heavy metals, not to mention overstated benefit claims. Congress is working to remedy this. -- Newser
  • Chicken nuggets that are healthy and taste good. Those two qualities don't exist together in nugget nature, but Consumer Reports found a brand of store-bought nuggets that comes pretty close. Click healthy chicken nuggets to find the winner. -- Consumer Reports
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