Road Sex, Texting Among Top Health Hazards While Driving

kissing and driving
Flickr photo by Mike "Dakinewavamo n" Kline
America, you have been naughty.

Fifteen percent of you admit to sexual acts while in a moving vehicle -- with the DRIVER involved. Almost double that have kissed while driving (hard to keep your eyes on the road when you're staring deeply into his eyes).

Twenty-eight percent said they text while driving.

And 58 percent of you are still holding that cell phone while driving.


While Oprah is doing public service announcements for her No Phone Zone and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is hammering home the "needless deaths and injuries caused by distracted driving," people in six countries were answering a survey sponsored by hands-free product makers Jabra.

The ultimate conclusion: They're not really listening to Oprah. Or LaHood.

They're bad for your health -- and mine -- and half of it is perfectly legal.

Only seven states have an outright hands-free requirement for drivers (I live in one), and only 26 have banned texting while on the move.

I've lived in a hands-free state for so long that I'm still shocked when I drive down the road to see people chattering away -- or thumbing their keypad with their chins on the wheel.

Some people call it "driving while in-text-icated," although it still doesn't have that horror factor of the guy shaving his head while driving or the Florida woman shaving her BIKINI LINE behind the wheel.

My distracted driving is usually of the "reaching around the backseat to hand my daughter a cup, crayon, tissue" variety.

What's your worst road habit?

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