Weight-Loss Calendar Week 12: The 150s Are My Kryptonite

Photo by Laurie White
I'm back from out of town, and I managed to step on the scale this morning and not die on the spot. I weighed in at 154. (Last week I was at 153.)

154 was a pleasant surprise, though. Although I did manage to squeeze in a couple workouts in the hotel fitness center while I was gone, and I also walked at least 50 miles around New York City and the Javits Convention Center. I managed to try out delicious new restaurants (think: pizza and champagne and bread) and even more delicious cupcakes. (I know this is a weight-loss calendar, but if you're in or around New York City, please try Butter Lane cupcakes. They were incredible.)


So, here we are with another small gain and another renewed promise to work it off (and then some) in the coming weeks.

When I get out of the 150s, I'm going to be so thrilled, you'll hear the excited screams from wherever you may be. I'm just struggling to get below that line, and I sort of suspected this would happen.

150(ish) is the weight my body is fairly satisfied at. It's going to take real work to get below that point, and while I truly don't think 150 is fat as a general weight, I'm short (5'3") and I carry my weight in a way that 150 feels healthy for me. I look more soft and squishy than fresh and happy.

I feel fantastic at around 130 pounds, and it's a fairly healthy weight for my height. I want to get there and I will get there, but it's taking some time.

I'm going to do two things in June that may help me get past the dreaded plateau of the 150s: I'm going to work out EVERY SINGLE DAY of the month. Whether running or intense walking or doing a workout video, I will do something. Every day. I'm also going to track my calories every day of the month. I've tried to do both before, but I've faltered. If I talk about both here each week, it'll help me.

Writing is my therapy, it always has been, and while some people may not understand putting one's weight online where bosses and in-laws can read all about it, I will personally credit this space with helping me meet my goal.

And I will meet my goal. No matter how long it takes.


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