My Water Bottle: Staying Hydrated the Green Way

Amazon; $21.99
I recently bought my husband a Sigg water bottle and although he had asked for it, he didn't actually use it. Thankfully, it's not going to waste as I've claimed it as my own.


I desperately need to kick my Diet Coke addiction and drink more water and nothing proves that more than finally working out and eating better. Drinking more water seems to be the final piece of my health and fitness puzzle. It's helpful having an awesome water bottle to keep my goal easily manageable. (And my bottle is BPA-free, but you should make sure to research your own bottle's details before purchasing.)

Sure, it's not the cheapest water bottle you'll ever find, but it can take a good beating, keeps your water cold, and is incredibly lightweight.

It's helping me drink more water and is 100 percent  recyclable, which is fantastic. It's been a great (and green!) purchase for me.

What water bottle do you carry with you?

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