Padma Lakshmi Boxed Away the Baby Weight

Boxing gloves
Flickr photo by ugo alter
Ah, baby weight! I gained 27 pounds when I was pregnant in 2007 with my son. At my first post-c-section appointment with my OB-GYN, she weighed me and to my surprise, the simple act of having a baby caused me to drop 15 pounds -- woo! I had 12 to go and, no, they didn't just fall off.

A single mom, I was at a disadvantage because I didn't have someone at my disposal to watch the baby for an hour or two while I engaged in a sweat session at the gym. I was resourceful though -- I strapped my son into his stroller and we walked. We walked for hours taking in balmy September mornings and soon crisp fall evenings that presented us with skies of pink and orange and leaves the color of apples and rust -- mmm!

Top Chef host and single mom Padma Lakshmi opted for boxing when it came time to shed the last of the baby weight.


She tells That's Fit, "I've been boxing for about seven years now. I love it." There's more to love.

According to Doug Werner, boxing coach and author of Fighting Fit: Boxing Workouts, Techniques, and Sparring, "The power punches work all parts of body. If you're training correctly, which means several three-minute rounds with no more than a minute rest in between, you get an aerobic workout second to none." 

What exercise regime did you rely on to shed the baby weight?

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