Matt Green Walking Across the Country: The Ultimate Workout?

Matt Green walking across the country
Photo from I'm Just Walkin'
Matt Green of Virginia is pulling a Forrest Gump this summer, walking across the country from New York's Rockaway Beach to Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

Forget the marathons; this is the ultimate workout.


A trip that would take six hours by plane will take Green -- who started walking in March -- nine months to complete on foot.

That's at a rate of about 28 miles per day, and according to the basic math on calories burned by a person walking (someone around 180 pounds, which Green is pretty trim) that's 100 calories per mile.

At 2,800 calories per day, he can eat this and never gain an ounce.

Even better, this is just about the most stress-free workout regime I've ever seen. As Green says on his website, ImJustWalking:

I’m not walking because of love trouble. And lord knows I haven’t worked too hard. But the rest is right on. I’m anxious. I’m not sure what I’m doing with my life. I need an adventure. And I do want to smell the ground and look at grass and birds and trees. I want to savor the country. And there’s no other way to do it save on foot.

Sounds like a beautiful way to save your life if there ever was one.

Most of us can't swing this financially, but what say we just take a walk, somewhere, anywhere?

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