Waitress Sues Hooters After Ordered to Lose Weight

Following up on one of the most popular and important posts we've run all week -- Why Are Men So Fascinated With Breasts -- let's talk about Hooters. Not the body part, but the restaurant chain that's so successful because of the body part.

While Hooters feels bigger is better when it comes to breasts, it does not feel the same way about the rest of a woman's body. One particular franchise in Roseville, Michigan recently told one of it's waitresses, a 20 year old, blond, tan, five-foot-eight, 132 pound pretty darn perfect in every way possible waitress, to drop weight or she'd get the boot.

But instead of accepting the restaurant's offer of a free gym membership to help her squeeze into a size extra-small uniform, she quit and filed a discrimination lawsuit against it.


Hooters is now denying that is told Cassandra Smith to lose weight. However, once it gets dragged to court, it will likely argue waitresses are not protected under the civil rights act because they are considered entertainers, a la Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and such, who must meet specific qualifications.

The civil rights act protects people from being turned down from employment based on appearance, religion, race and gender.

Should be an entertaining one to watch, maybe Court TV will pick it up. I wonder how many different words for "breast" will be uttered during that trial ...

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