8 Reasons Your Healthy Body Will Thank You for Drinking

strawberry daquiri
Flickr photo by Pink Sherbet Photography
My friend's dad is fast becoming my favorite Facebook friend -- he's always sharing tidbits about alcohol.

A dedicated guzzler, he makes sure it's healthy news.

Since he makes me grin at least once a week, I decided it was time to gather Joe's postings into one place that will make your body sing.

Now raise your beer stein and cheer, because we've got the goods on why alcohol is good for you!

  1. It helps prevent Alzheimer's. Moderate drinking, according to a study out of Spain, can help protect the brain from Alzheimer's. It's even better in non-smokers, so put down the butt and pick up a beer.
  2. It keeps you thin. A glass or two of red wine per day has been found to keep you from packing on the pounds.
  3. It's good for your beauty regimen. Beer makes a great hair rinse, facial mask, and stress-busting bubble bath.
  4. It's good for bone density. Drinking moderate amounts of beer can help ward off osteoporosis, ladies. 
  5. It's good for your heart. Guinness is, that is -- a pint has the same benefits as a low dose aspirin.
  6. It can protect you if you're assaulted. Hey; if it works for the criminals, can't you make it work for you? Just remember -- bottles cause blind spots.
  7. It can make you live longer. If Ponce de Leon had found the Fountain of Youth, chances are it was filled with red wine. Resveratrol, an ingredient in reds, has been found to slow the aging process.
  8. It's good for you overall. Moderate drinkers, a study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently announced, have lower cardiovascular risk, heart rate, stress, depression, and body mass index than both heavy drinkers and those who bypass the booze.

OK, time for that disclaimer -- all these studies point to drinking in moderation for your health. And need we say "please drink responsibly"?

At least when the kids are around ...

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