Jackie Warner: ‘Thintervention,’ More Cheat Meals, and the Evils of Sugar

Jackie Warner's book
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I loved the Bravo show Workout and have missed Jackie Warner and her awesome abs (OK, her entire awesome body), so I'm happy see the buzz building around her new show Thintervention, scheduled to launch this fall.

As the name suggests, it's a "docu-drama" to help people shed pounds and get thin. She recently described the concept of Thintervention to Fitsugar:

"I am working with seven people and I literally take them through a life-changing journey for eight episodes, which is a total of eight weeks. It's a very powerful show. I think it is going to be eye-opening for America."


While it sounds a lot like The Biggest Loser, since it's on Bravo, it's sure to be edgier and more intense. Promotional materials promise a boot-camp style and fun activities like "surprise raids" of participants' kitchens. And hopefully, like Workout, it will continue to include the intense drama of Warner's personal love life. (How great would it be if Warner's former fling, Rebecca, appeared on the new show too?)

Some of Warner's weight loss philosophies can be found in her recently published book This Is Why You're Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever): Eat More, Cheat More, Lose More -- and Keep the Weight Off. A long title, but it contains welcome advice for dieters who go by the one-cheat-meal-per-week rule -- Warner says have two.

"One cheat meal a week is not enough. It is enough for quick dietary change, but it is not enough for lifestyle change. If you want long-term success, you better not deprive yourself."   

She also professes the evil of sugar and the rampant addiction to it in this country -- not only from sweets but also from refined carbohydrates as well. "... sugar is snuck into every food since the day we're born and we're complete addicts even if we don't know it," she says.

Are you a fan of Jackie Warner and her weight loss philosophies?  

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