Weight-Loss Calendar Week 11 -- Staying on Goal While Out of Town

Flickr photo by Swami_Stream
I'm still at 153 lbs. I know, how anticlimactic! Will I be at this weight forever? (Let's hope not.)

I've clearly reached a plateau (even amidst my 10K training), and I'm handling it rather well. Meaning, I'm not drowning my disappointment with a large pizza.

Managing a weight plateau is one thing, though, but managing a plateau right before a business trip in New York City -- where the food (and cupcakes) can be too delicious to resist -- is quite another.


I leave this week to go to New York, and while I know I'll be doing loads of walking (both at the trade show I'm attending and to and from my hotel), I also know I'll be eating out for all my meals.

How on earth do you maintain your weight while completely destroying your routine? I'm not sure I have the answer, but I'm going to try my best to choose smart menu items, limit the drinks I indulge in, and toss my running shoes in my suitcase in case the hotel fitness center is also too tempting to resist.

I'm crossing my fingers next week's weigh-in is good news and not hang-my-head-in-vacation-shame news.

But, tell me, how do you stay on goal when you're traveling?

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