The Best Running Shoe for the Price

Zappos; $80.96
I wrote about my love for my Asics running shoes at Bodies in Motivation last year, but now that I've been regularly running in them for months, I can write about them again! With even more authority!


Now, everyone should definitely get fitted for their own running shoes in a certifiable shoe store and should also test out tons of different options, but taking some recommendations with you when you go can't hurt.

My shoes are the Asics Gel-Cumulus, and I got mine at Zappos. They're currently on sale for $80.96, and I can vouch they're worth every penny.

They're a great shoe for multiple activities, too. Although I mainly run (both on the treadmill and on roads), I also wear them when I do workout DVDs or when I'm walking and/or hiking. I rarely have knee or joint issues, and I've never had the "numb feet" complaint that I hear from a lot of friends who run.

Finding the best running shoe for you is such an invaluable purchase. The right shoe will make everything easier. I'm thrilled with my find.

What running shoes do you use? Do you love them?

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