Men Are Filthy Liars and More Health News

man's brown eyes close up
Flickr photo by NeoGaboX
Lies, Lies, Lies. It's a song by the Thompson Twins and also the theme of a new study with some startling (or not so startling?) findings. That and engaged women and The Office. But not the show. Confused you enough? Just read my link loves ...

  • "I didn't have that much to drink." "Nothing's wrong, I'm fine." Introducing the two most popular lies told by women and men to their partners, according to a survey of 3,000 British people that found men on average lie more than women, and feel less guilty about it. Can you guess which lie is the man's and which is the woman's? And -- moms of tweens and teens take note -- mothers are lied to by kids way more than their partners. -- BBC
  • Engaged women are less happy than single women, an analysis of Facebook posts finds. But is it normal trepidation or a sign that you made the wrong choice? Click the link for the red flag signs to see if it's nerves or something more. -- Lemondrop
  • Carpal tunnel. Check. Back pain. Check. Stress, luckily, no. But I would like to move around a lot more, which is what can cut down on the first two aforementioned serious office health risks from sedentary office jobs like sitting and writing about the risks from sedentary office jobs. No more typing. Going for a walk. -- Yahoo! Finance
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