5 Ways To Show You Rock Those Breasts

Flickr photo by rachelkramerbussel .com
Awhile back I read a statistic that claims nine out of every 10 women would love a boob job.

With surveys like that, is it any wonder the girls start drooping as we age? I'd start looking dejected if I was always that rejected.

So we rounded up some testaments to the twins that will make you feel better about your boobs.


I Make Milk What's Your Superpower
Photo from Gnipmac
1. I Make Milk, What's Your Superpower? Button. That, ladies and gents, is why they call her Wonder Woman.






My Wife Has Great Tatas
Photo from Save the Tatas
2. My Wife Has Great TaTas shirt. Because if a man will wear this for you, you know you're doing something right when you fill out a t-shirt.








C Cup Necklace
Photo from Metal Taboo
3. Cup Size Necklace. My A Cup is half full, how about yours?







I love boobies
Photo from ShockNRoll
4. I Love Boobies shirt. Sure, it's made for the guys to get a laugh . . . until you buy it and OWN it.







keep a breast
Photo from Loser Kids
5. Keep a Breast Owl shirt. Whoooo loves boobies? You do.







Would you rock one of these?

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