Ex-Witch Lindsay Price Shares Her Bodacious Butt Secret

Flickr photo by Vagueonthehow
She played a witch on ABC's Eastwick, but when it comes to keeping her butt in tiptop toned shaped, just like us mere mortals, Lindsay Price has no magic trick up her sleeve.

She does have a great butt-blasting move. I'm a big fan of ballet moves, like a classic plie and grand plie. I also turn to leg lifts galore (I've been known to chop veggies for dinner at the kitchen counter and lift my legs at the same time). I saw results, sure, but I felt results (ouch!) with Price's move.


What you'll need: A resistance tube.

Move 1: Start on ground on all fours, holding one end of a resistance tube in left hand.

Move 2: Loop handle at other end of tube around right foot (as if handle were a stirrup) so that tube runs between knees from right foot to left hand.

Move 3: Keeping abs tight and upper body still, lift right knee off ground and extend right leg directly behind you so that it's parallel to ground. (If there's not enough resistance as you press, take in some slack of tube with left hand.) Return to start.

Do 25 reps. Switch and repeat!

Have any butt-blasting moves of your own to share?

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