Hang Fake Boobs on Your Wall to Prevent Breast Cancer

breast cancer lumps
Photo from Anatomical Chart Company
Breast cancer is no laughing matter. But three fake boobs hanging on your wall ... well, I give you permission to giggle.

But you can buy all three -- some with lumps, some without -- already mounted "on a sturdy Plexiglas display."


For just $258, the multi-type breast models come with a wire easel for easy display.

Commence three nipple jokes, target practice, and hmm, how do you think this would look in my foyer? Are we talking a replacement for my current coat hook?

It may not be a bad idea. My OB handed one of these little silicone models to me at my last annual and told me to find the lumps. I failed miserably.

Hanging in my hallway to be felt up daily while I grab my coat, maybe I'd finally get a handle on hand-placement for feeling my boobies.

Are you ready to practice?

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