How to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation and More Health News

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It was a busy week in the health world. From cell phone radiation to dangerous vitamins, here's what caught my attention around the web ...

  • This piece on 5 ways to reduce cell phone radiation had me laughing. Not because of the topic -- that's serious stuff -- but because these real tips from a CNN science blogger are hilarious. How often can you say that about a story on cell phone radiation? -- CNN
  • As if all the poor asthma sufferers didn't have enough strife in their life with struggling to breathe, now they're being told they can't eat certain comfort foods because fatty foods make asthma worse. In a study, people who ate high-fat meals like burgers and fries had more inflammation in their airways after the meal, and less chance of their medication working well. -- Newser
  • Don't listen to all those people who tell you to throw out your iPhone because checking email constantly is stressing you out. It's not. Web access might be the secret to our happiness because it gives us personal freedom and control and helps us better manage our lives. Now click "share this link" and email it. -- Time
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