Do Kids Ruin Your Bike Workout?

child bike seat
Flickr photo by malias
Returning from vacation to semi-warm weather has me itching to pull my bike out of the shed and hit the hills.

The extra 4.6 pounds (thank you Wii Fit) may have something to do with the urge.

But I'm also excited because we finally got a kids seat sent to us for my bike -- and the warmer weather means we can test it out.


When I first told my aunt we had a Wee Ride, she told me I was nuts. "I wouldn't try it unless I was a really sure rider," she told me.

I'm not. I haven't gotten on my bike much since my daughter was born -- mostly because there was no place to put her. Kids put a major damper on cycling.

Even when they're old enough for a tricycle, they ride so slow, it's not much of a workout. And when they're younger, you're either stuck cycling while your partner pushes the stroller or you're going it alone.

Which is fine -- unless you're like me and prefer company along the way.  Which is where the Wee Ride has come into play. It took my husband to mount it on the bike -- I'm generally the more mechanical of the two of us, but he's got the brute strength to hoist it, balance the bike and work the mechanical adjustments.

And I'm honestly still trying to figure out the balance thing with that extra weight. But with her helmet in place, I'm willing to try it while we still can (the thing only goes up to 40 pounds -- I'm estimating we'll get one summer out of it).

I'm counting on the workout and craving the feel of wind on my face; and now I've got company!

Have the kids held you back from biking?

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