Celebrity Trainer Tips of the Week

Who needs to pay for a personal trainer when you can get workouts and secrets from the top celebrity trainers for free? A roundup of the best workout tips this week ...

  • The former model and yoga trainer Tara Stiles demonstrates 4 minutes of core strengthening poses to flatten your belly in her Summer Shape-Up Challenge Week 1. How ever does she get into that position?
  • John Damon suggests a new workout song to try: "Brooklyn (We Go Hard)" by Jay-Z. I'm gonna download tonight.
  • Jarret Del Bene, who trains Lauren Conrad among others, highly recommends the Body Box workout, a full-body, high intensity workout that mixes punching, kickboxing moves, squats and other conditioning exercises. Miss USA Rima Fakih also kick-boxes and have you seen her bikini body? Something to consider ...
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