The Food Network: Consistently Motivating Me to Get in the Kitchen

Photo from Jennie Canzoneri
Most of my DVR queue is filled with shows from the Food Network. In fact, it actually feels a little strange to have written about weight-loss tips and tricks here for weeks without mentioning the Food Network.

I watch a handful of shows: Tyler's Ultimate, 30 Minute Meals (the photo to the left is florentine mac and cheese), Giada at Home, Barefoot Contessa, What Would Brian Boitano Make? Really, I'm not picky.


Probably more than food blogs (and I subscribe to dozens), more than cookbooks, more than anything else, really, the Food Network has inspired me to get in the kitchen and cook for myself and for my family. And eating at home vs eating out is a huge key to maintaining a healthy weight, at least for me.

I love finding new ingredients, perfecting a recipe, and learning tricks from the experts. Although I hear a lot of backlash against Rachael Ray, I'm a pretty big fan. I respect how she's motivated women to get in the kitchen and make good meals for their families. And, even better, every recipe of hers I've made so far has been delicious.

Also, the Food Network website has every recipe from every show, so you don't have to watch an episode 85 times to figure something out. I keep a folder in my inbox with every Food Network recipe I have made or want to make.

Check out a few of these shows if you want some new cooking ideas and kitchen motivation.

Do you watch the Food Network?

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