Sarah Jessica Parker's Separation Anxiety -- The Working Mom's Dilemma

Flickr photo by moriza
Sarah Jessica Parker nearly walked off the set during filming Sex in the City 2 because she missed her twin babies, Loretta and Tabitha, terribly.

I was in that emotional place, especially with my first child. With just a month of maternity leave left and the reality of the return to work finally hitting me, I began buying lottery tickets every single day. I felt I had to be lucky this time, that there was no way the fates would separate me from my baby. Short of a financial windfall, I had no other option.

I didn't win -- not even three winning numbers in a month's time! I was miserable at first, I missed my baby so much. I tried to find excuses to justify quitting. Today I'm still earning a paycheck, and you know ... now I'm glad it worked out the way it did.


No one regrets spending time with their children. If I had decided to quit work and struggle, that would've been the right decision.

But looking back, returning to the workforce was an "investment in my career," which is now paying off for us financially and psychologically. We hate to admit it, but money puts you in a good place, and not just materially.

Money buys security and peace of mind, and that trickles into so many other areas of life. As I left my 4-month-old baby at day care each day, I had to keep reminding myself that financial difficulties are among the top causes of relationship struggles and divorce. What would be worse? Leaving my child in capable hands in a thriving social environment for a few hours every day or a broken household? Not to say that's automatically a given, but it's definitely a consideration in making this tough decision.

Celebrity Baby Scoop reports that Parker had serious regrets about signing on to do the film, which will be released this summer. She couldn't take her newborn daughters to the set with her because they were too fragile health-wise at that point.

“I never felt like this,” she said in a recent interview, “felt the mother-to-child connection.”

I'm sure Sarah Jessica figured it all out long ago. Filming is long over and she's since returned to her family. Reports say that instead of bailing from the set, she did the opposite -- continuing with the film and pouring herself into all aspects of production.

That's what happened with me, too. When I knew there was deadline, I became a super-efficient work machine, eating at my desk, cutting down on water cooler chats, saving lunchtime errands for the weekend.

Work was all business now because each day there was a much more enticing deadline I was shooting for -- hugs and smooshy kisses. I'll take that over a bonus any old day.


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