Active Summer Vacations: Beyond the Beach Umbrella

Photo by cafemama
While your idea of summer vacation may be total and sheer relaxation, this year think about kicking things up and planning an active vacation.

Sure, lounging on the beach sipping drinks with little umbrellas can be nice, but imagine the exhilaration of hiking, biking, or walking your way through amazing destinations. Not only will you be getting exercise while you're doing it, but you'll also see your destination from a whole new vantage point.


There are many companies that can help you plan an active vacation all around the world. From walking and rafting in Banff to biking in Wine Country, there's an amazing array of options.

My dream choice: Pedaling, yachting, and kayaking in Turkey. (Sigh.)

Adventure Travel is a great site to check out with lots of information, resources, and advice on active vacations around the world.

You can also turn any vacation into an active one yourself by checking out things like tennis lessons, local hiking trails, and bike rentals, and working them in along with the lounging.

Just think, instead of coming back with a vacation hangover, you'll return with new energy and vitality in addition to the memories.

Have you taken an active vacation?


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