Hangover Cure in Our Future?

bloody mary
Flickr photo by StuartWebster
Scientists searching for a cure for alcoholism have discovered that the best treatment for a hangover is possibly also the most risky one -- drinking even more. You know how that Bloody Mary always seems to make things a little better? Here's why:

Scientists in Britain got a bunch of worms drunk. They really know how to party over there. These worms, C. elegans, have a brain makeup very similar to that of humans when intoxicated, according to a report in Live Science.

When the worms were feeling good, the scientists took a microscopic look-see into their little worm heads and observed their behaviors.


They watched them go into withdrawal after their binge, and I can't imagine the worms felt all that good, because their behavior changed. The worms became agitated. Yes, pissed-off worms. I wonder if they threw things.

When the doctors gave the worms little doses of alcohol during their withdrawal, they got a little happier ... just like you do when you go for the tomato juice with a few shots of vodka, enough to take the edge off but not enough to get you drunk again.

Unfortunately, this is a method that will never make it into the manuals at the substance abuse clinics because obviously this is the surest way back down the path of addiction.

The biggest breakthrough in all this was the discovery of a "hangover molecule," a brain-signalling neuropeptide that doctors hope will be the key to better understanding alcoholism and effective treatments in the future.

Nope, it won't happen in time for next weekend. So moderation, please, and don't try to pick up any worms.


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