Baby Food Diet Hype -- Just Eat Fruits and Veg, Nutritionist Says

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Flickr photo by stevendepolo
Could the celebrity baby food diet help you lose weight just like Jennifer Aniston? She lost 7 pounds already eating 14 servings of bland, mushed veggies and fruits followed by one adult protein-infused meal at night.

While you're almost surely guaranteed to lose weight by virtue of the lesser-calorie load alone, at least one nutritionist at a leading diet and fitness research center thinks this eating plan is, well, silly. It works against a number of the healthy eating principles that research has shown to produce sustained weight loss -- and isn't that what everyone really wants?

"Baby food is mushy -- it doesn't encourage eating slowly, which makes you more aware and mindful of what you're eating, so from a palatability standpoint, you won't be satisfied," Elisabetta Politi, nutrition director for the Duke University Diet and Fitness Center.


Another negative for baby food -- lack of chewing.

"Chewing is associated with feeling more satisfied; plus, it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to register the feeling of fullness in your brain, so that goes back to the slow eating," Politi continues.

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson put Aniston on the "Baby Food Cleanse" to help the actress lose weight for her newest movie, Just Go With It, which is being filmed in Hawaii. Apparently Aniston, who has a near perfect body already as far as I can tell, wants to be even more perfect, if that's even possible.

Aniston's awesome figure can't be attributed to exercise alone -- healthy eating is already part of her regimen, which is why Politi thinks the "cleanse" is even more "preposterous."

"There's no need to cleanse the digestive tract if you already eat healthy," Politi says. "Cleansing is associated with overindulgence on bad foods, so thinking this way just creates a vicious cycle."

Aniston has said that she feels cleansing is improving her digestive function, helping her body break down food more efficiently, but Politi says there's simply no medical research to support that theory.

"Just eat real fruits and vegetables," she said. "You'll achieve the same effect, replacing higher-calorie foods with lower-calorie ones, you'll get to chew and eat more slowly, and you'll save money. Baby food is expensive!"

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