4 Reasons Parenting Should Come With Free Lasik Surgery

Flickr photo by *Saffy*
I got my first pair of glasses in fourth grade, and I haven't seen a thing without some sort of vision enhancement since.

But it wasn't until I became a parent that I realized they should perform Lasik surgery in every delivery room in America.

It would be the ultimate BOGO -- buy one eye surgery, get a baby!


1. It started with the pregnancy books that advised against wearing your contacts in the delivery room.

What? You want me to go through what everyone says is the most grueling day of your life without the life-changing convenience of little discs on my eyeballs? Fortunately my doc wasn't hardcore -- he let me keep them in.

Fast-forward to:

2. A baby with grabby hands: You give up on wearing necklaces and earrings in those early days to protect them from flailing fingers, but when you've got to see for middle of the night feedings/diaper changes, the glasses have to stay. Just try telling that to Miss Grab-apple.

3. A toddler who leaps on you in the early hours of the morning: My daughter has traditionally woken up before either my husband or I, and she delighted in climbing into bed with us while we were still in that groggy state ... and holding up a bag of chips she'd found in the cupboard, which she was now having for breakfast. Being able to read said bag at 5 a.m. might not have given me more energy to get up and provide her with a better alternative, but it's the thought that counts, right?

4. A preschooler who can do it all herself until you're putting your contacts in: Just as your contact has folded itself up on your finger and you can't seem to find that one piece of fuzz that's making your right eye burn, the shrieking beings. They can't find their show and tell pony ... and they need it ... right ... NOW!

Has laser surgery changed your life as a parent?

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