Kate Gosselin's Non-DWTS Workout

Kate Gosselin pushing blow up ball
Photo by Splash News
Kate Gosselin and I have more in common than I thought ... and those words are not easily written. I'm not talking about the number of kids, her childrearing (or lack thereof) skills, knack for self-promotion, weird haircuts (though I can claim a few), but her yearning for both dancing and running.

Yikes, well, at least it's not the same kind of dancing ... I do traditional Irish ceili dancing. Yes, the kind you see in Riverdance, but a lot less showy and stiff, like they used to do in the Olde Dayes in the pubs with the priests peeking in the window.


Kate, proud owner of the lowest score in the history of Dancing With the Stars, said recently on her blog:

Suddenly I missed EVERYTHING about dancing -- not only the friends I have made and stay in touch with almost daily, but also learning the steps and even the fear of sudden death that the dance floor caused me! Gulp!

She's so right. Some of my closest friends, old and new, are those I met through my dance group. And while we are together only a few hours a week, it's become a very powerful fiber, binding us together in a way that few other activities do, at least for me. Not dancing for an extended period of time would be awful.

I've done plenty of other team sports and hobbies, but dancing has it all -- teamwork, camaraderie, performance, art, challenge, style, glitz ... but most of all joy. Hitting a home run in a baseball game is exciting, but dancing is joyous. It's that element that I think makes it so unique and addicting. Even on my worst days, dancing makes me happy.

Maybe that's part of it for Kate. Seems to me the lady needs a little happy in her life.

As for running, I know what Kate means about that, too.

There's something about tuning out the world, tuning into your favorite motivational music, and embarking on a test against you and you alone. Pure peace and solitude. With all the attention she gets, I'm sure she needs that, too.

Kate says:

I LOVE running, and due to time constraints took a break during the two months of dance rehearsal. As always, I feel right where I belong as I once again "run" the daily routine for and with the kids ...

Kate returns to Dancing with the Stars for her finale dance on May 24 and 25. After that, I hope she finds another outlet for her urge. Maybe I should invite her to my class. At the very least, her kids might like it. Irish ceili dancers perform in groups of four and eight ... she's already got a team!

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