For Nurses Day, A Salute to All the Angels in My Life

student nurses
Flickr photo by di the huntress
Yesterday was International Day of the Midwife, and today is National Nurses Day, as well as the start of Nurses Week 2010 (May is apparently a very big month for special "Days").

I didn't use a midwife during my pregnancies, but the nurses became my best friends. Here's remembering all these amazing angels in white (or blue scrubs or sometimes funny cartoon characters) in my and my family's life today:

Kelly -- My OB's nurse, who handed me gowns and collected my pee for nine months both go-rounds. Getting pregnant the first time took a while. I was very close to starting hormone treatments. I'll never forget her smile when she walked into the exam room and said, "Well, you're definitely pregnant."

Marie -- The nurse who met me in labor and delivery the night I went into labor. Her soothing, reassuring voice, her patience, and her gentle hand with the catheters got me through.


Elizabeth -- One of the patient, sainted souls in my kids' pediatrician office. She's always there to answer questions, get the doctor when needed, and refill an asthma inhaler on the quick.

Kathleen -- My mother-in-law. She lives out of the country and I miss her terribly. She's kind, generous, funny, and beautiful. Yes, I absolutely adore my mother-in-law. And she's just about the best grandmother a grandkid could have.

Will you thank a nurse today?

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