Mario Lopez Helps You Lose Weight and More Health News

eating lean cookbook by mario lopez
Eating Lean by Mario Lopez

Lessons for today: Eat well, give without strings, and tell your boss to shove it ...

  • Mario Lopez promises that you can lose 14 pounds in 14 days. And he promises that all you have to do is eat the food in his new cookbook, Extra Lean. Lopez claims his new eating plan, containing 40 recipes that you won't "be afraid of," is the key to slimming down -- no exercise required. He explains why it's so revolutionary in a recent interview. -- Pop Eater
  • Since when did giving become all about what you get? A pink floating beer pong table is just one of the many ludicrous products you can buy to help out a charity. It's not just breast cancer. Seems everyone is hopping on the gimmicky product bandwagon. Makes me not want to give to charity at all. -- The Frisky
  • Leave this news story on your boss' desk: Those who regularly work overtime are more likely to have a heart attack than those who work seven hours or less daily. Working an extra hour or two didn't seem to matter much in a recent British study finding a link between long hours and stress, but there is a threshold. -- Yahoo! Health
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