Would You Get Breast Implants for a Guy?

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Flickr Photo by bilbord99
There has been much ado about Kate Hudson's breasts -- did she get breast implants or not?

The answer appears to be yes, and if that's the case, then the more interesting question is: Why?

In Touch Weekly says she "got them for Alex Rodriguez." Even though she's been playing the field and dating numerous men, it seems her heart belongs to A-Rod. She would "take him back in a New York minute!" according to the magazine.

Though I question her taste in men -- at least this man -- I hope these rumors are just rumors because I admire Kate. It'd be really sad if she, who's always appeared so confident in her body, would really go under the knife to woo a man.

Though as I write those words, which were my first reaction and the reaction of many, I question if there's ever another reason to get a boob job?  


While women say they just want to feel more confident and they're doing it for themselves, doesn't that confidence come from knowing the opposite sex (or same sex, whichever you prefer!) finds you attractive -- whether it's one particular man or men in general?

I'm not opposed to breast augmentation. I've never been lacking in that area by any means, but after attempting to breastfeed two children, if someone would pay for a little lift and calm me of my fears of going under the knife, I'd be on the table in a heartbeat.

But if I really think about why I'd like to do it, it'd be to look more attractive for my husband. Sure, clothes would look better on me, and my confidence would probably go up, but it'd be because of the admiring gaze of my husband ... and those from strangers never hurt one's ego either.

So I guess while we can all pity poor Kate for giving A-hole A-Rod what she thinks he wants, we may want to save a little for ourselves and all the things we do -- whether we do it under the knife, with needles in our foreheads, by depriving ourselves of food, or whatever "fix" we think we need -- to make ourselves look better for men.

Do you think women get boob jobs for any other reason than to appeal to men?  

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