Green Life Experiment Week 20 -- Little Big Steps

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Tonya (science_spot on CafeMom) has decided to go green in her household and blog about her experiment along the way.

The change has seemed so slow over these months, but looking back, I can see the changes are measurable. I've changed more than just my purchasing habits and product selections -- I've changed my lifestyle. This lifestyle continues to change, as does the brain that's keeping track of it all.

Last year I started this natural transition as a way to stop the hives I suffer from. I still have hives -- less numerous but more painful. I think the persistence of hives means I still have some irritants to remove from my personal care and food products because I still haven't finished my old toothpaste, mouthwash, and shaving cream. I still use some food products that contain preservatives and artificial colors. This is a transition that I knew would take some time to complete.


During this time, my attitude toward many topics has changed. My family will still eat out when it's fun or convenient, but the majority of our food intake is now free from preservatives and artificial colors. In order to accomplish this, I've had to change the way I feed the family. Convenience food is no longer a staple in our house. More basic food supplies are my go-to foods now. I've had to learn how to cook in a whole new way. I'm so happy my family likes my food so much better than the processed food we used to eat. Finally, we're a SLOW FOOD FAMILY!

As we eat fewer synthetics, we've noticed our food choices have become healthier. Produce and whole grains are taking the place of processed foods and candy. This dietary change has turned my family into a group interested in losing weight and increasing exercise. We'll be a HEALTHY FAMILY!

Removing synthetics from our personal care regimes has made us healthier as well. I haven't used nail polish on my fingers in months, and my nails are longer and healthier than I've ever seen them before. I'm learning to love my straightened hair. The new simplified personal care regimen uses fewer total products and fewer total ingredients, takes less time, and costs less. We're a MORE NATURAL FAMILY!

When I was teaching myself about synthetic ingredients, I learned a lot about what these products do to our bodies and our Earth. This environmental education has led to a new effort of recycling in our house. We've also banished disposable products in our house, including plastic bags, plastic straws, and some paper products. We're a RECYLCLING FAMILY!

These are exciting times. Exciting changes are happening in my family and I'm so glad I started this Green Life Experiment. At times it appears as if these changes are hopeless ... but like they say, small changes really do add up.


Have you considered a chemical-free shampoo for your hair, or is that one of the few things you refuse to give up?

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