Weight-Loss Calendar Week 8: Big-Picture Fitness Goals

Photo by Jennie Canzoneri
First up, the numbers! I'm using an exclamation point because I somehow lost three pounds this week. I'm at 153, down from 156 pounds last week, for a total of 25 pounds lost. See, totally worth an exclamation point!

I say somehow but I know how. I worked out daily, ate less (especially at lunch, when I had been letting myself go out to eat more often and slack on my calorie watching), and also stopped snacking after dinner. ("Just one more 100-calorie pack." Turns out five 100-calorie packs equal 500 calories. Who knew!)


But, aside from all those numbers, there's something I've been thinking of a lot this last week and that's the (second) 5K I'm running this coming weekend. I'm excited and not nearly as nervous as I was for the first 5K I ran a few weeks ago.

Once this 5K is behind me, what else do I want to do? What else can I push myself toward?

Inspired by Linda, who just finished her first marathon, here's a list of some my fitness goals for this year and beyond:

1. Finish a 10K some time this summer.

2. Finish a sprint triathlon (about half a mile of swimming, a 5K, and 12 miles or so of biking).

3. Run a half marathon (this is tentatively set for this winter).

4. Eventually, finish a marathon -- I'd like to do this for my 30th birthday, which is in about a year and a half.

5. Go on a fitness vacation (something that centers around hiking or scuba diving or running a race).

6. Finish a boot camp class (our local rec center offers a reasonably priced class).

7. Take a dance class of some sort.

What are your long-term fitness goals?

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