A Robot as Your Weight-Loss Coach? Could Be!

Photo by Intuitive Automata, Inc.
Robots aren't just in sci-fi movies these days. Soon enough, they could be in your living room, helping you with your weight-loss goals.

The company Intuitive Automata has created a line of socially interactive robots to encourage and assist you while you strive for optimal health.


The Autom, a robot that will serve as a weight-loss coach, will be available in the US soon. Although no official price is known as of yet, it's being marketed as an affordable robot. I'm not quite sure what price range that would put the Autom in since I've never tried to purchase a robot of any kind, affordable or not! 

Whether you're knowledgeable about robots or not, the Autom can help you on your journey to weight loss. It'll help you track calories, stay focused on your goals, and provide encouragement and advice when you need it most. I imagine it being much more supportive than, say, Jillian Michaels, who's the closest thing to a weight-loss coach I have right now.

Definitely unconventional, but think of all the time this little guy (or gal? hard to tell) will save your friends! No more patting you on the back during a weight-loss slump or the morning after a Taco Bell binge. Just turn to your Autom to get you back on track.

So, if you're interested, check out the company's site for info on how you can get your very own Autom.

Would you buy a weight-loss robot?

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