New Cancer Vaccine Approved by FDA

Photo by alvi2047
Recently, CNN reported that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Provenge, a vaccine treatment for prostate cancer. This is the first cancer treatment vaccine that the FDA, the watchdog of what we consume, has ever approved.

Unlike preventative vaccines, Provenge is for patients who already have prostate cancer, and is intended only for those with "metastatic castration-resistant" prostate cancer.


While this is certainly good news for all the men in our lives, as a breast cancer survivor, I can't help but wonder how quickly a vaccine for breast cancer would be created if men were more directly affected by it -- and by directly, I mean in their pants. Sure, there's been a recent breast cancer treatment breakthrough, but nothing of this magnitude.

Because let's face it -- when it comes to men and their penises (or penis function, as it were), they'll do just about anything to ensure "liftoff," which prostate cancer and prostate cancer treatment often disrupts.

Hopefully, this FDA approval of Provenge is just the start of cancer treatment vaccines.

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